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Employment Counseling in California
A bevy of employee-friendly state laws in California make it challenging for employers to remain in compliance, especially those adding employees in the state for the first time. Many of our clients turn to us for guidance on California’s unique exempt/non-exempt employee classifications, travel time laws, and leave laws. Our attorneys can help guide you by offering review of employment practices and employee handbooks, advice on thorny situations, and training specific to the state’s nuanced employment laws. We also regularly provide you with up to date advisories and counsel on the latest changes to local, state, and federal laws and how they will affect your business.

Employment Litigation in California
California’s employment laws lead to a high volume of employment litigation. Our California employment team has experience defending against a multitude of claims including discrimination, harassment, retaliation, wrongful termination, and the full scope of wage and hour issues.
Wage and hour class actions are particularly common in California, partially due to the state’s nuanced Labor Code. Our litigators based in Los Angeles and San Francisco have successfully defended numerous class actions, including those alleging misclassification, failure to pay overtime, pay stub violations, and meal and rest period violations. Depending on your specific circumstance it may be preferable to secure a favorable settlement in a lawsuit. However, when trial is necessary our litigators can call upon their robust courtroom experience to help you secure your desired result.

Labor issues in California often involve unique challenges due the intersection of federal labor law and numerous state and local employment laws. Our California labor team works with all types of employers to navigate these challenges, including those in the agriculture, hospitality, health care and renewable energy industries. We also have expertise with labor agreements concerning large infrastructure projects, such as Project Labor Agreements for renewable energy projects.

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